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Marker & Monument Rules


Garland Mills Cemetery Foundation

Monument Rules and Requirements

August 22, 2021


General Rules:  All monuments/markers must be composed of solid granite or marble, no manmade or composite stone will be allowed.  All memorials must be submitted for review and approval to Garland Mills Cemetery Foundation.  All memorials will be subject to install fees.  Install may only be performed by approved contractors designated by Garland Mills Cemetery Foundation.  Garland Mills Cemetery Foundation reserves the right to refuse memorials based on content and imagery found unsuitable.  For rules specific to sections and designated spaces, please review the following.

Regarding maintenance damage and leveling:

It is recommended all ground level markers be finished with rock pitched edging.  Any marker with smooth or polished edges, including drop-washes will not be covered by the foundation if maintenance damage occurs.  Any marker reported to have been damaged by maintenance will be reviewed by a board member to determine protocol.  Vandalism, damage caused by natural events, such as storms, high winds, hail and other acts of nature will not be covered by the foundation.  Damage caused by auto vehicles will not be covered and are lot owner responsibility.

Markers/Monuments installed by the foundation will have a 1 year limited warranty regarding leveling.  After 1 year implied leveling warranties, lot owners will be responsible for leveling maintenance.  Approved contractors not directly hired by the foundation may offer additional warranties.  In such case, leveling will be the responsibility of that contractor.

Sections and spaces designated for ground level memorials:  All ground level markers(not bevels) must be a minimum of 3” thick.  Bronze plaques are allowed, all Bronze plaques must be accompanied by either a granite base (minimum 3” thick) or a concrete base (minimum 3” thick). 


Single Grave Markers:  Foundations are not required for ground level single grave markers.  The maximum length allowed is 3 foot 6 inches for 4' grave spaces and 4 foot 6 inches for 5' grave spaces.


Companion Grave Markers:  Foundations are not required for ground level companion grave markers.  The maximum allowable length is 7 foot 6 inches for adjacent 4' foot spaces.  Adjacent 5' foot spaces may have up to 9’


Ledgers:  Full grave ledgers are allowed.  The maximum length allowed is 7 foot with a maximum width of 3 foot 6 inches for all grave spaces.


Sections and spaces designated for upright memorials:  All upright memorials require a foundation for setting.  Required Foundations will be either concrete (minimum 4” thick) or granite (minimum 3” thick).  Foundations will be supplied by Garland Mills Cemetery Foundation or approved contractors.  Maximum height for upright monuments will be 4 feet including monument base.  Die heights are limited to 42".  Special exemptions will be considered for monuments or statues that enhance the beauty of the cemetery.  These rules apply for upright dies, slants and bevel monuments.


Single Grave Markers:  Foundations are required for upright single grave markers.  The maximum length allowed is 3 foot 6 inches on 4 foot grave spaces, with a minimum thickness of 4 inches.  Bases for upright dies are required, slanted monuments may be stand alone.  Five foot grave spaces may have to but not exceeding a 4’6 monument.


Double Grave Markers:  Foundations are required for upright double grave markers.  The maximum length allowed is 7 foot 6 inches on adjacent 4 foot spaces, with a minimum thickness of 4 inches.   Bases for upright dies are required, slanted monuments may be stand alone. Adjacent five foot grave spaces may have up to but not exceeding a 9’ Monument.


 Benches:  Benches must be constructed of solid granite or marble.  All benches require foundations of concrete (minimum 4” thick) or granite (minimum 3” thick.).


Benches will be allowed in pre-designated areas for spaces with adjoining bench privileges.  A maximum length of 6 foot will allowable.  Bases are not required but encouraged for long term stability and safety.


Vases:  All vases must meet the rules specified within the Cemetery Rules and regulations and must be properly placed and installed by cemetery contractors.  Any vase not complying within the rules and regulations will be subject to removal by the cemetery clean-up crew.  Vases must be composed of solid materials such as granite, marble, aluminum/zinc compounds, or bronze.  Markers/Monuments will be limited to two total vase mounts.  Vases must not impede maintenance contractors.


Ground level markers:  All ground level markers must have submersible vase assemblies constructed of solid bronze or aluminum.  Vases must be either integral with the monument or placed within six inches of the monument.


Upright Monuments (Dies, Slants, and Bevels): Spaces eligible for upright monuments are permitted to have above ground vases constructed of granite or marble.  These vases must be integral to the monument or installed on the same base as the monument.  Submersible vases may also be placed within 6 inches of the said monument.

Curbing / Coping:

Concrete curbing or granite coping are not allowed in the sections of Garland Memorial Park without designed walk-ways.  This includes, Garland Memorial Park 2nd Addition, Serenity, Peace and Reflections and will include future developments.  Repairs and replacement to existing curbing and coping in Knights of Pythias Cemetery and Garland Memorial Park 1 must be submitted to the foundation for review and approval.  These features can easily impede other lot owner’s spaces, and must be carefully considered.

Lot Markers:

Corner markers for ground burial lots may be placed marking the boundaries of lots of four or more adult graves. Corner markers must be six inches square, constructed of granite or bronze, installed at ground level, and must be engraved with no more than three letters. Garland - Mills Cemetery Foundation’s designated contractor or personnel will perform the installation of all corner markers.


Rules are subject to change based on decisions made and voted upon by the foundation board.  All pending approval forms should be faxed to Williams Funeral Directors @ 972-276-1048.  Williams personnel will forward pending approvals to designated board members.  Once the monument has been approved, board members will notify approved contractors and mark the space for setting.  Approved contractors may be subject to marking fees which will be applied to the long-term care fund.  If the monument manufacturer has not met the criteria to become an approved contractor, an approved contractor will be hired to install the marker/monument for the designated fees agreed upon with the foundation.   Markers/Monuments will generally be set within 10 business days unless severe weather or a significant volume of interments occur.  Interments will typically be given precedence over marker/monument install.


Special Exemptions:  Some older sections do have grandfather clauses.  Such clauses allow current required rules to potentially be waved based on past requirements.  Please contact a board member if such policy needs to be reviewed.

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