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Mills Cemetery & Garland Cemeteries



The original Mills Family Cemetery was established by Edward C. Mills in 1854 with the burial of his second wife, Elizabeth. In his will of 1871, he set aside this land as a cemetery. The foundation has very limited knowledge as to property ownership and interments in the original cemetery.  Any requested interments in this section are subject to release of liability as records are not adequate.


The other sections, (East of Centerville, J.S. Mason, and Weaver Edition) were sold from the original land grant from the State of Texas.


The J.S. Mason edition founded in 1911 is immediately adjacent to the south of the original cemetery.  The Centerville Road Section is located east of the old cemetery across Mills Road.  This section is divided into 3 sections, North, Central and South.


To the west of the old cemetery, the large Weaver edition and newest section West of Weaver reside.  There are currently limited number of spaces still available for purchase in the West of Weaver section and South section.


Corresponding maps of these sections will be provided upon their digital completion.


If you would like to submit more historical information to be referenced on this website, please contact the foundation.  A map is available in the cemeteries reference page.

Mills Family Cemetery


As to our knowledge, there is no original plat to this section.  In the 1970's a Williams Funeral Directors' employee walked this area and created a written record based on headstones to help better mark and dig future graves.  I have taken this written record and have done my best to create a digital plat.  Please be aware there are numerous unmarked graves in this section.  If families would like to contribute further information to this section, please contact the foundation.  You may download this .pdf by clicking on the document on the right.

Olds Mills Section with names.jpg

JS Mason Edition

JS Mason with names.jpg
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