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History of Garland Mills Cemetery Foundation

The Garland-Mills Cemetery Foundation was founded by interested citizens on September 15, 1969 and assumed the care of Garland Memorial Park,The Knights of Pythias and the Masonic Cemetery near Garland and Miller Roads and the Mills Cemetery which is comprised of the original Mills Cemetery, J.S. Mason Addition, Weaver Addition and the East Addition.  The Association has provided care and maintenance to the extent funds have been available since that date.


The Association is a a Non-Profit Foundation and only the income produced from the permanent fund may be used to care for the grounds.  This fund has been made possible through the tax deductible donations of lot owners, gifts from other interested parties, wills and bequests.


The quality of care of Garland's Cemeteries has continually improved through the year's of the foundations existance, and it is our goal to continue that trend.  We also hope through future acquistions to be able to expand these cemeteries so that future residents may utilize them.

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