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June 20, 2022

Once again the annual lot owners meeting will be held Sunday, June 26, 2022 in the Williams Funeral Directors facility at 3:00 PM.  Items for discussion will be the election of directors, yearly budgeting, long-term care fund, monument leveling and restoration project, turf-maintenance program, and new development.

March 14, 2022

The spring mowing season is near.  It is important that lots be kept clear of decor and glass. Clean-up and maintenance will be more strictly enforced and sod placement will begin soon.

New Pricing will be in affect as of March 14, 2022.  Please view the pricing page for the new pricelist.

Regarding Mills Cemetery

Very few spaces remain available to be sold in the West of Weaver and Centerville South Section.  Based on current sales it is likely the cemetery will be near sold out in the near future.



 Who are we?

Garland Mills Cemetery Association is a local Non-Profit Foundation which assumes the care of several local Garland, Texas cemeteries including Garland Memorial Park, Garland Mills Cemetery, and the Garland Masonic Cemetery.  It is our long term goal to continually improve the conditions of these local cemeteries while continuing to manage new growth and expansion.  We solicit your gifts to the Cemetery Permanent Fund until such time the fund generates sufficient income to care for the cemeteries in a manner which we all desire.

*For questions please review the "frequently asked questions" tab under "Contact us".  If your questions are not addressed by this page, please utilize the contact us feature"
Monuments, Markers, & Vases

The additions to the Garland Memorial Park and Mills Cemeteries, which have been completed by the Foundation since 1974, have special rules and regulations for marker placement, size, and type.  The Foundation must approve all marker placement and only approved contractors may place monuments.


Cemetery Hours:

Cemetery visiting hours begin at 8:00 AM daily and end at sunset.  Anyone visiting the cemetery after hours will be subject to police questioning.  No alcoholic  beverages are permitted at any time.

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